VICTOR / SHARIE [wedding]

“Who would go to Japan to find a Russian? Who would go to Japan to find a Filipina?”

Victor and Sharie-0061.jpgsharie 1.jpg3.jpgVictor and Sharie-0109.jpgVictor and Sharie-0183.jpgVictor and Sharie-0189.jpgVictor and Sharie-0195.jpgVictor and Sharie-0222.jpgVictor and Sharie-0268.jpgVictor and Sharie-0271.jpgVictor and Sharie-0283.jpgVictor and Sharie-0296.jpgVictor and Sharie-0336.jpgVictor and Sharie-0341.jpgVictor and Sharie-0600.jpg4.jpg5.jpgVictor and Sharie-0600.jpgVictor and Sharie-0699.jpgVictor and Sharie-0784.jpg6.jpgVictor and Sharie-1029.jpgVictor and Sharie-1034.jpgVictor and Sharie-1046.jpgVictor and Sharie-1055.jpgVictor and Sharie-1065.jpgVictor and Sharie-1069-Edit.jpgVictor and Sharie-1078.jpgVictor and Sharie-1539-Edit.jpg10.jpg8.jpg7.jpg9.jpg

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