NEIL / ARLENE [prenup]

Neil and Arlene-0206-Edit.jpgNeil and Arlene-0050.jpgNeil and Arlene-0077.jpgNeil and Arlene-0101.jpgNeil and Arlene-0108.jpgNeil and Arlene-0109-Edit.jpgNeil and Arlene-0130.jpgNeil and Arlene-0212.jpgNeil and Arlene-0232.jpgNeil and Arlene-0302.jpgNeil and Arlene-0316.jpgNeil and Arlene-0323-Edit.jpgNeil and Arlene-0344.jpgNeil and Arlene-0363-Edit.jpgNeil and Arlene-0370.jpgNeil and Arlene-0383.jpgNeil and Arlene-0386.jpgNeil and Arlene-0400-Edit-2.jpgNeil and Arlene-0434.jpgNeil and Arlene-0435.jpgNeil and Arlene-0450.jpgNeil and Arlene-0460.jpgNeil and Arlene-0486.jpg

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  • NeilJuly 2, 2010 - 3:30 pm

    We thank Marco and the rest of their team… fun to be with and easy to get along… very dedicated on their craft… kahit mga uhaw at gutom tuloy pa rin… nabigla lang ako kasi mahihina pala sila kumain hehe… thanks for bringing out the best in us that day… hmm… did we enjoy our shoot?? look at the pictures and be the judge…