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REY / RICA [wedding]

Rey and Rica-0006.jpgRey and Rica-0020.jpgRey and Rica-0060.jpgRey and Rica-0240-Edit.jpgRey and Rica-0446.jpgRey and Rica-0451.jpgRey and Rica-0705.jpgRey and Rica-0711.jpgRey and Rica-0763.jpgRey and Rica-0908.jpgRey and Rica-0954.jpgRey and Rica-1161.jpgRey and Rica-1162.jpgRey and Rica-1178.jpgRey and Rica-1225.jpgRey and Rica-1455.jpgRey and Rica-1472.jpgRey and Rica-1692.jpgRey and Rica-1754.jpgRey and Rica-1943.jpgRey and Rica-1944.jpgRey and Rica-2075.jpgRey and Rica-2107.jpgRey and Rica-2180.jpgRey and Rica-2239.jpgRey and Rica-2259.jpgRey and Rica-2273.jpgRey and Rica-2279.jpg

  • zerinah*January 20, 2011 - 12:52 pm

    bakit wala ung muka ko d2? hahahaha! ang ganda ng mga kuha 🙂 ito lang ba ung mga un? ang konte? hahahaha!

  • dudsFebruary 10, 2011 - 7:11 pm

    congratz R&R..humayo kayo’t magpakarami..yeeeheee!!!!!!!!

RUSS / MITCH [postnup]

Russ and Mitch-0187.jpgRuss and Mitch-0209.jpgRuss and Mitch-0302.jpgRuss and Mitch-0305-Edit.jpgRuss and Mitch-0338.jpgRuss and Mitch-0360.jpgRuss and Mitch-0372.jpgRuss and Mitch-0462.jpgRuss and Mitch-0490.jpgRuss and Mitch-0531.jpgRuss and Mitch-0569.jpgRuss and Mitch-0633.jpgRuss and Mitch-0643.jpgRuss and Mitch-0718-Edit.jpgRuss and Mitch-0775.jpgRuss and Mitch-0794.jpgRuss and Mitch-0908.jpgRuss and Mitch-1088.jpgRuss and Mitch-1130.jpg

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  • MITCH & RUSSJanuary 25, 2011 - 3:45 am

    hi marco and gerard and the part of the team (you know who u are) 🙂

    we are so much thankful for making our wedding sooo memorable, thanks guys! hirap pala maging photograper no?!but u guys did so well! all our wedding photo comments make us sound so good…ang galing kasi ninyo,
    and with our post-nup namn, thank so much din, hirap pala sunod sunod pictorial no? hirap ngumiti! hahaha!mas mahirap syempre sa inyo! well all the hirap was fun and worth!
    salamat ng marami guys! keep it up!
    god bless and more luck to come!

    mitch & russ 21 dec 2010


Yes, Anawangin again and yes this is our favorite spot for prenup shoot. i think this is the 5th or 6th time we did a prenup in this wonderland.
What amazes me in Anawangin is that every time I go here its always different. Something always change in the place.


POT / EMY [wedding]

We had a lot of first for this wedding: this is the first time we covered a wedding in cebu, first time that we covered a wedding wearing flip flops and first time we covered a wedding without our beloved blackties. Theme of the wedding was bohemian, so we have no choice but to also wear one.


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  • PotEmyJanuary 7, 2011 - 6:16 pm

    Marco, Gerard and Mikko,

    Happy New Year! 😉

    We just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our wedding pictures. We can’t imagine not having you there to capture these precious moments in our lives. To say that the pictures from Pot-Pot and Emy’s wedding are wonderful feels so insufficient. You, Gerard and Mikko captured so much and made the pictures so real, we felt as if we are at the wedding all over again! (We can’t stop smiling… ;P ) This being our first wedding, it was overwhelming to know the cost for just photography however after seeing the results, it was evident to us that you guys are worth every penny. We don’t want to think about what the pictures would have looked like without you guys behind the camera.

    You truly told our story through your work. The more time we got to spend with you made us feel that we not only had the best photographers we could find, but we had also made three new friends as well. We realized that capturing this time in our lives was the most important thing to you guys and that you were as excited about the events as we were. We absolutely love each and every photo. What a wonderful gift you, Gerard and Mikko have blessed us with. Your style and professionalism truly compliment you as a person and your talent. You guys ROCK!

    Thank you for making the most memorable day in our lives, a great memory that we will be able to view always.

    With lots of love,




As much as we love what we are doing, we also have to provide for our basic needs and to further enhance our equipments and services we regret to inform you that effective Jan 15, 2011 we will be having a price adjustment on our rates.
if you want to avail of our current rates, you can reserve us before January 15, 2011 before we impose our adjusted rates.