RUSS / MITCH [postnup]

Russ and Mitch-0187.jpgRuss and Mitch-0209.jpgRuss and Mitch-0302.jpgRuss and Mitch-0305-Edit.jpgRuss and Mitch-0338.jpgRuss and Mitch-0360.jpgRuss and Mitch-0372.jpgRuss and Mitch-0462.jpgRuss and Mitch-0490.jpgRuss and Mitch-0531.jpgRuss and Mitch-0569.jpgRuss and Mitch-0633.jpgRuss and Mitch-0643.jpgRuss and Mitch-0718-Edit.jpgRuss and Mitch-0775.jpgRuss and Mitch-0794.jpgRuss and Mitch-0908.jpgRuss and Mitch-1088.jpgRuss and Mitch-1130.jpg

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  • MITCH & RUSSJanuary 25, 2011 - 3:45 am

    hi marco and gerard and the part of the team (you know who u are) 🙂

    we are so much thankful for making our wedding sooo memorable, thanks guys! hirap pala maging photograper no?!but u guys did so well! all our wedding photo comments make us sound so good…ang galing kasi ninyo,
    and with our post-nup namn, thank so much din, hirap pala sunod sunod pictorial no? hirap ngumiti! hahaha!mas mahirap syempre sa inyo! well all the hirap was fun and worth!
    salamat ng marami guys! keep it up!
    god bless and more luck to come!

    mitch & russ 21 dec 2010