Monthly Archives: February 2011

CHRIS / ELLEN [wedding photos]

so far this is the coolest wedding we have covered. the whole entourage was dancing during the entourage march, bride and groom wearing their chucks, bride sang before walking down the aisle. lots of dancing and every one was having great time.

Chris and Ellen-0014.jpgChris and Ellen-0071.jpgChris and Ellen-0125.jpgChris and Ellen-0371.jpgChris and Ellen-0399.jpgChris and Ellen-0424.jpgChris and Ellen-0438.jpgChris and Ellen-0449.jpgChris and Ellen-0461.jpgChris and Ellen-0563.jpgChris and Ellen-0571.jpgChris and Ellen-0589.jpgChris and Ellen-0733.jpgChris and Ellen-0760.jpgChris and Ellen-0897.jpgChris and Ellen-0909.jpgChris and Ellen-0932.jpgChris and Ellen-0967.jpgChris and Ellen-1005.jpgChris and Ellen-1015.jpgChris and Ellen-1307.jpgChris and Ellen-1308.jpgChris and Ellen-1713.jpgChris and Ellen-2240.jpg

JENO / IVY [wedding photo]

if you are to ask me who are my favorite wedding clients, I would say photographers.
Why? they know the good spot for pictorials, understand that what we are doing is hard, easy to work with, very particular with details and most of all they know how to pose. Ivy (bride) is a hobbyist photographer which made this wedding very easy for us. Jeno (groom) is an outstanding musician. He and his band performed during the reception which made the guest dance the whole afternoon.

Jeno and Ivy-0011.jpgJeno and Ivy-0035.jpgJeno and Ivy-0093.jpgJeno and Ivy-0225.jpgJeno and Ivy-0614.jpgJeno and Ivy-0635.jpgJeno and Ivy-0683.jpgJeno and Ivy-0751.jpgJeno and Ivy-0804.jpgJeno and Ivy-0845.jpgJeno and Ivy-0872.jpgJeno and Ivy-1265.jpgJeno and Ivy-1288.jpgJeno and Ivy-1373.jpgJeno and Ivy-1399.jpgJeno and Ivy-1410.jpgJeno and Ivy-1424.jpgJeno and Ivy-1524.jpgJeno and Ivy-1600.jpgJeno and Ivy-1613.jpgJeno and Ivy-1929.jpgJeno and Ivy-1948.jpgJeno and Ivy-1963.jpgJeno and Ivy-1976.jpgJeno and Ivy-1979.jpgJeno and Ivy-1980.jpgJeno and Ivy-2148.jpgJeno and Ivy-2207.jpgJeno and Ivy-2217.jpg

PECI / JANICE [prenup]

Outdoors! yes we love shooting outdoors, especially when it involves heights, clouds and a beautiful couple. Peci and janice are both rock climbers, so what’s a better place to shoot their prenup other than wawa montalban.

Peci and Janice-0025-Edit-2.jpgPeci and Janice-0026-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0045.jpgPeci and Janice-0050.jpgPeci and Janice-0067-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0074.jpgPeci and Janice-0098.jpgPeci and Janice-0115.jpgPeci and Janice-0130.jpgPeci and Janice-0147-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0199-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0285.jpgPeci and Janice-0368.jpgPeci and Janice-0402-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0410.jpgPeci and Janice-0429.jpgPeci and Janice-0440.jpgPeci and Janice-0456.jpgPeci and Janice-0480.jpgPeci and Janice-0487.jpgPeci and Janice-0489.jpgPeci and Janice-0557.jpgPeci and Janice-0579.jpgPeci and Janice-0584-2.jpgPeci and Janice-0586.jpgPeci and Janice-0587.jpg