CHRIS / ELLEN [wedding photos]

so far this is the coolest wedding we have covered. the whole entourage was dancing during the entourage march, bride and groom wearing their chucks, bride sang before walking down the aisle. lots of dancing and every one was having great time.

Chris and Ellen-0014.jpgChris and Ellen-0071.jpgChris and Ellen-0125.jpgChris and Ellen-0371.jpgChris and Ellen-0399.jpgChris and Ellen-0424.jpgChris and Ellen-0438.jpgChris and Ellen-0449.jpgChris and Ellen-0461.jpgChris and Ellen-0563.jpgChris and Ellen-0571.jpgChris and Ellen-0589.jpgChris and Ellen-0733.jpgChris and Ellen-0760.jpgChris and Ellen-0897.jpgChris and Ellen-0909.jpgChris and Ellen-0932.jpgChris and Ellen-0967.jpgChris and Ellen-1005.jpgChris and Ellen-1015.jpgChris and Ellen-1307.jpgChris and Ellen-1308.jpgChris and Ellen-1713.jpgChris and Ellen-2240.jpg