PECI / JANICE [prenup]

Outdoors! yes we love shooting outdoors, especially when it involves heights, clouds and a beautiful couple. Peci and janice are both rock climbers, so what’s a better place to shoot their prenup other than wawa montalban.

Peci and Janice-0025-Edit-2.jpgPeci and Janice-0026-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0045.jpgPeci and Janice-0050.jpgPeci and Janice-0067-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0074.jpgPeci and Janice-0098.jpgPeci and Janice-0115.jpgPeci and Janice-0130.jpgPeci and Janice-0147-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0199-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0285.jpgPeci and Janice-0368.jpgPeci and Janice-0402-Edit.jpgPeci and Janice-0410.jpgPeci and Janice-0429.jpgPeci and Janice-0440.jpgPeci and Janice-0456.jpgPeci and Janice-0480.jpgPeci and Janice-0487.jpgPeci and Janice-0489.jpgPeci and Janice-0557.jpgPeci and Janice-0579.jpgPeci and Janice-0584-2.jpgPeci and Janice-0586.jpgPeci and Janice-0587.jpg