JOJO / PAULINE [prenup photo]

Jojo and Pauline-889-Edit.jpg

Its been while since we have posted photos here in our blog, but I believe this next set is worth the wait. We did the shoot at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan, a prenup location that is starting to be our favorite. With its old manila feel, brick by brick the old spanish mansions was restored to this location. These couples need not much introduction, enjoy the pics!

1.jpgJojo and Pauline-148.jpgJojo and Pauline-236.jpgJojo and Pauline-300-Edit.jpgJojo and Pauline-364.jpgJojo and Pauline-409-Edit.jpgJojo and Pauline-424.jpgJojo and Pauline-439.jpgJojo and Pauline-469.jpgJojo and Pauline-479-Edit-2.jpgJojo and Pauline-533.jpgJojo and Pauline-540.jpgJojo and Pauline-547.jpgJojo and Pauline-555.jpgJojo and Pauline-560.jpgJojo and Pauline-589.jpgJojo and Pauline-596.jpgJojo and Pauline-616.jpgJojo and Pauline-633.jpgJojo and Pauline-635.jpgJojo and Pauline-642-Edit.jpgJojo and Pauline-678.jpgJojo and Pauline-748.jpgJojo and Pauline-756.jpgJojo and Pauline-771.jpgJojo and Pauline-780.jpgJojo and Pauline-808.jpgJojo and Pauline-889-Edit.jpgJojo and Pauline-917.jpgJojo and Pauline-932.jpgJojo and Pauline-946.jpgJojo and Pauline-949-Edit.jpgJojo and Pauline-973-Edit.jpg