REIN / IRENE [prenup photo]

Rein and Irene-0809.jpg

locations: the fort burgos circle, manila heirloom, UP Diliman

Yes 3 locations! long, fun, fulfilling day for us. we kinda did three themes for this prenup. 1st is the city look at the fort, 2nd the vintage look in manila heirloom and last the lets shoot anywhere look at UP diliman.

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg5.jpgRein and Irene-0523.jpgRein and Irene-0574-1.jpgRein and Irene-0590.jpgRein and Irene-0609-1.jpgRein and Irene-0625-1.jpgRein and Irene-0835-1.jpgRein and Irene-0863.jpgRein and Irene-0976-1-Edit.jpgRein and Irene-0762-1.jpgRein and Irene-0668-1.jpg