LAVIEL / RIVKA [wedding photo]

Preparations: Cocoon Boutique
Ceremony: Mt Caramel Shrine, Aurora blvd Quezon City
Reception: Light if love Santol Street, Quezon City

Laviel and Rivka-0089.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0089.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0002.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0023.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0060.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0129-Edit.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0162-Edit.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0232.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0268.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0370.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0446.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0468.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0523.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0538.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0541.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0575.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0581.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0606.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0629.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0659.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0690.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0696.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0722.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0766.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0805.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0826.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0862.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0870.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0921.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0951.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0957.jpgLaviel and Rivka-0985.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1028.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1355.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1389.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1416.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1487.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1548.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1585.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1705.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1834.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1841.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1870.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1876.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1885.jpgLaviel and Rivka-1979.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2045.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2067.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2124.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2150.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2179.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2279.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2597.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2622.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2637.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2661.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2732.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2749.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2822.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2848.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2903.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2931.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2947.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2976.jpgLaviel and Rivka-2985.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3021.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3030.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3040.jpg
Laviel and Rivka-3059.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3215.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3256.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3319.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3384.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3441.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3476.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3652.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3981.jpgLaviel and Rivka-3983.jpg

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