MYKE / GUIA [wedding photos]

Destination weddings and everything in between never cease to amaze a photographer and his lenses. There’s always a natural high when a wedding is somewhere far and not the usual choice. It gives us a sense of confidence that we can pull it off anytime of the day but still challenges us how much more we can make it different than the rest. This wedding, despite its far location, still gave us a traditional and modern feel. Enjoy our rockstar couple, Myke and Guia’s wedding photos!

Preps: Pico Sands Hotel
Ceremony: St. Thereses of the Child Jesus Chapel Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas City
Reception: Baia Ballroom, Pico de Loro Country Club
MUA: Yuki
Gown Designer: Jazel Sy
Coordinator: Social Happenings

Myke and Guia 2742Myke and Guia 0002Myke and Guia 0026 EditMyke and Guia 0513Myke and Guia 0587Myke and Guia 0623Myke and Guia 0699Myke and Guia 0753Myke and Guia 0881 EditMyke and Guia 0815 EditMyke and Guia 1045Myke and Guia 1071Myke and Guia 1164Myke and Guia 1286Myke and Guia 1352Myke and Guia 1726Myke and Guia 1771Myke and Guia 2293Myke and Guia 2356Myke and Guia 2566Myke and Guia 2619Myke and Guia 2659Myke and Guia 2684Myke and Guia 2726Myke and Guia 2764 EditMyke and Guia 2849Myke and Guia 2858Myke and Guia 2866 EditMyke and Guia 2881Myke and Guia 3155Myke and Guia 3464Myke and Guia 3503Myke and Guia 3626Myke and Guia 3183

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