Photographer’s Tip #2: Coordinator

It is essential to have a coordinator and believe us when we say, you need one on your wedding day. Hire a very good coordinator, someone you can really trust and would understand your needs. The amount of stress you will be experiencing can be determined by the coordinator you will be getting. This coordinator can be your very own fairy godmother or the bad witch so pick only the best, the one who will help you achieve the fairytale you’ve been dreaming about. Even before the wedding day, you can already gauge if you hired a good one. Is he/she keen to details? Can he/she still show grace under pressure? Does he/she inform and remind you about every important matter or is it the other way around? Are your other suppliers well-informed about changes and updates? Keep in mind that the coordinator you will hire will play a very vital role on your wedding day and again we say, you deserve the best so go ask your friends who already got married about the best coordinators in the industry. Join wedding portals and read wedding/bridal blogs. These may help you in choosing. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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