MIKE / LIA [prenup photos]

Singapore is known for its amazing architectural buildings and tourist attractions. That’s why we can’t blame this couple for they have chosen Singapore to be the location of their prenup shoot.

The classy and elegant theme of the shoot complement the view of the place.

Location: Gardens by the Bay | Marina Bay Sands | Singapore National Museum

Mike and Lia-2029wedding Mike and Lia-1449wedding
Mike and Lia-0161wedding
Mike and Lia-1040wedding
Mike and Lia-1201wedding
Mike and Lia-1321wedding
Mike and Lia-1397wedding
Mike and Lia-1632wedding
Mike and Lia-1891wedding
Mike and Lia-0216wedding

Mike and Lia-0279wedding Mike and Lia-1024wedding Mike and Lia-1081wedding Mike and Lia-1156wedding Mike and Lia-1661wedding

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