BICHO / TIN [prenup photos]

Bicho and Tin achieved their dream of having a prenup shoot at Santorini! Yes, you read that right but what you’ve been thinking is wrong! We’re not talking about the wonderful place in Greece but the ‘Little Santorini’ in Anilao, Batangas!

The breathtaking view of the beach and the beautiful architectural design of the place is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with the love of your life. No wonder why this couple chose this place for their prenup shoot.

We really can’t find the words to describe the place but if you’re asking about Bicho and Tin, there’s only one word that perfectly describes them, and that’s ‘Sentimental’. They’re both very affectionate to each other and we really admire their relationship so much.

Location: Camp Netanya -Anilao, Batangas


Bicho and Tin-1290 Bicho and Tin-1024-Edit Bicho and Tin-1275 Bicho and Tin-1197 Bicho and Tin-1021-Edit Bicho and Tin-1041-Edit-2 Bicho and Tin-0488 Bicho and Tin-0168-Edit Bicho and Tin-0445 Bicho and Tin-0682 Bicho and Tin-0236-Edit Bicho and Tin-0592 Bicho and Tin-0620 Bicho and Tin-0742-Edit-2 Bicho and Tin-0830 Bicho and Tin-0248-Edit Bicho and Tin-0579-Edit Bicho and Tin-0595 Bicho and Tin-0646 Bicho and Tin-0647

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