PAUL / LOISE [wedding photos]

An unusual wedding day it may seem.

Sharing their wedding vows is just a part of the most unforgettable day of their lives, because on the same day, their child was baptized. This can be the most heartwarming scene that we’ve ever seen- tying the knot before God and offering your child unto Him.

Preparations: Hillcreek Gardens, Tagaytay | Ceremony: Chapel on the Hill (2pm) | Reception: Hillcreek Gardens, Tagaytay

Paul and Loise-3713 Paul and Loise-0976 Paul and Loise-1587-Edit Paul and Loise-3720 Paul and Loise-0155 Paul and Loise-4082 Paul and Loise-1092-Edit Paul and Loise-1730 Paul and Loise-1038-Edit Paul and Loise-1855 Paul and Loise-1952 Paul and Loise-4147 Paul and Loise-2073-Edit Paul and Loise-4218 Paul and Loise-4251

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