RUDY / ARLENE [Hawaiian Wedding]

Aloha! Let’s feel the magic about living in the so-called ‘The Aloha State’ as we share Rudy and Arlene’s wedding photographs! We posted their same-day edit video last month, and we know a lot of you are waiting for their wedding photos. So, here they are! Take a look at their simple and intimate wedding ceremony in the beautiful paradise of John Wick: Chapter 2 movie now

Rudy and Arlene-0141Rudy and Arlene-0262Rudy and Arlene-0116-EditRudy and Arlene-0368Rudy and Arlene-2541Rudy and Arlene-0709Rudy and Arlene-2850IMG_7156-EditRudy and Arlene-0737Rudy and Arlene-2871Rudy and Arlene-0728Rudy and Arlene-4401-EditRudy and Arlene-4434IMG_6929Rudy and Arlene-1725Rudy and Arlene-0772Rudy and Arlene-0890Rudy and Arlene-2190Rudy and Arlene-4207Rudy and Arlene-2323-EditRudy and Arlene-2559Rudy and Arlene-2578Rudy and Arlene-2759Rudy and Arlene-2895

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  • Boracay Wedding PhotographerMarch 24, 2016 - 8:48 am

    No wonder why, there are lots of couples that preferred to beach weddings. The nature is so cool that adds a spice to life’s couple. And kudos to the photographer, such an amazing view. The skilled wedding photographer has its own touch that makes the images looks unique and dramatic.

  • Boracay Wedding PhotographerMay 27, 2016 - 1:30 pm

    Hawaiian wedding is always on my list of my wedding theme. I just love the combination of flowers, trees, the beach and the colorful colors. Hopefully, I can find a good place for it. But since it will not happen soon, then hopefully in the future, I can plan the same wedding as beautiful as this.