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As some of you may know, a new parenting-lifestyle show called Mommy Hacks is a comeback for Cheska Kramer and Rica Peralejo- Bonifacio. BlackTieProject is just so lucky to have photographed their photo shoot for the show!

The shoot filled with laughters as the bubbly hosts acted genuinely in front of the camera. And we can say that the camera loves them so much!

One of the things that you can be excited about this show is, it will not air on the two biggest networks in the nation, channels 2 or 7, but on CNN Philippines!

Mom’s and moms-to-be out there, it’s your chance to hack motherhood!

Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1473-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1495-Edit

Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1606-Edit

Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1748-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0011-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0043-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0072-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0095-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0110-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0114-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0140-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0155-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0215-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0270-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0392-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0452-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0492-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0592-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0596-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0612-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0700-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0749-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0893-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-0951-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1099-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1207-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1270-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1285-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1389-Edit Mommy Hacks Photoshoot-1415-Edit

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