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It will be a fun and exciting year because wanderlust is starting to take over us!

Wander with us as we conquer the different parts of the world. Look at the photo below for our caravan schedule for the year 2016.

Email us now at or you may call us at 5342797 for more information.

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PETE / RACH [wedding photos]

Maybe this wedding is one of those usual wedding ceremonies that you’ve seen. But believe me, there’s something different about Pete and Rach’s wedding. Look at these photos and watch their same-day edit video at the end of the blog to know what we’re talking about.

‘Looking back, one of the most challenging days of my life, it actually turned out to be God’s greatest blessing. Because it was then that I met you.’- a part of Rach’s vow

Pete also has his own way of telling their story, ‘For the times that we both played and sang different tunes, we decided to turn off the music and listen to my poetry instead.’

Preparations: Marco Polo, Ortigas | Ceremony: Santuario de San Jose (4pm) | Reception: Marco Polo Grand Ballroom


PETE / RACH [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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POY / MEG [wedding photos]

Apart from the dazzling white gown of the bride, vivid colors of pink and blue are the prevailing colors at the wedding! Who ever said that bright colors are not suitable for a wedding entourage is probably wrong!

Look at these wedding photos of Poy and Meg and see how the the theme and the color complement with each other. There’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Preparations: Malarayat Country Club | Ceremony: De La Salle Lipa Chapel (2:30pm) | Reception: J. P. Laurel Hall Malarayat Country Club

Poy and Meg-2848wedding
Poy and Meg-2933wedding
Poy and Meg-0056wedding copy

Poy and Meg-0070wedding

Poy and Meg-0116wedding

Poy and Meg-0195wedding

Poy and Meg-0244wedding

Poy and Meg-0254wedding

Poy and Meg-0260wedding copy

Poy and Meg-0339wedding

Poy and Meg-0648wedding

Poy and Meg-0798wedding

Poy and Meg-0973wedding
Poy and Meg-0931wedding
Poy and Meg-0913-Editwedding
Poy and Meg-1013wedding
Poy and Meg-1158wedding
Poy and Meg-2034-Editwedding
Poy and Meg-2976wedding
Poy and Meg-3171-Editwedding

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RAFAEL / MINNIE [wedding photos]

‘It took me halfway around the world to realized that I wanted to be with you.’ – a part of Minnie’s vow

Every couple wanted their wedding to be as unique as possible. Not ordinary, not like any others and not one of those cliche weddings we know. So some put additional details to their entourage to be different, change the usual itinerary of the ceremony, make a scene at the reception that no other couple does, or anything to say that their wedding is different from others.

It was the day of the hearts and lovers when Rafael and Minnie decided to tie the knot. February 14, 2014- the most romantic and unforgettable Valentines day of their lives.

Minnie refused to wear the traditional long veil when she walked down the aisle. She wears a different kind of veil, it’s a Tulle birdcage wedding veil. An unusual wedding accessory for a bride.

The bride’s wedding bouquet is exactly a different one from others. It’s a silk white flower with crystals that totally complement the bride’s intricately lace wedding gown.

Preparations: Manila Peninsula | Ceremony: Santuario de San Antonio  (7pm) | Reception: Manila Peninsula Conservatory

_MG_5312wedding copy
_Z1C3639wedding copy
CAM29786wedding copy




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RONALD / JOAN [wedding photos]

Intricately beaded gown is in for most of the brides today! While grooms just wanted their suits to be as simple yet elegant as possible.

Joan, wearing her beautiful wedding gown, walks down the aisle with full conviction of marrying the man of his dreams. Ronald, with his classic suit, patiently waits for her lovely wife-to-be at the altar.

Preparations: Solaire Resort | Ceremony: St. Peter the Apostle Parish (4pm) | Reception: Century Park Manila Main Ballroom



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RUMER / ELIEZA [wedding photos]

Rumer and Elieza decided to get married in the famous Caleruega Church. The place is a nature haven- no wonder why it became the most popular wedding chapel in Tagaytay. With the beautiful view of the place, the church became a hot spot for couples who want to enjoy the scenery while sharing their ‘I do’s’.

Elieza, the bride, sings a part of ‘Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko’ while saying her personal vow to Rumer. She promised to stay with him until they grow old and get bald.

When it’s Rumer’s turn to say his vows, the vivacious character of Elieza became soft as she listens carefully to her husband-to-be, who holds his tears back.

Preparations: Balai Taal, Tagaytay | Ceremony: Caleruega Church (1pm) | Reception: Balai Taal, Tagaytay


Rumer and Elieza-1067-Edit
Rumer and Elieza-1433-Edit
Rumer and Elieza-1584
Rumer and Elieza-2116
Rumer and Elieza-3104-Edit
Rumer and Elieza-3213
Rumer and Elieza-3345-Edit
Rumer and Elieza-3435
Rumer and Elieza-3600
Rumer and Elieza-4039

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NOEL / CES [prenup photos]

Sea. Sand. Sunset. And the one you love. What else can you wish for? The breathtaking view of Camara and Capones Island, Zambales is indeed a perfect spot to spend a vacation with the love of your life!

Noel and Ces enjoyed the cozy scenery of the place. Their prenup shoot was full of laughters as they genuinely smile in front of the lenses.

Aweng and Ces-0012
Aweng and Ces-0525
Aweng and Ces-0090
Aweng and Ces-0069
Aweng and Ces-0421-Edit
Aweng and Ces-0477
Aweng and Ces-0517
Aweng and Ces-0639
Aweng and Ces-0835
Aweng and Ces-0897-Edit
Aweng and Ces-0969-Edit
Aweng and Ces-1313
Aweng and Ces-1358
Aweng and Ces-1581

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VANNI / KHAY [wedding photos]

Vanni and Khay joined together as one in a church wedding at the Madre de Dios Chapel, Tagaytay. The ceremony was made perfect with the romantic scenery of the place and the breezy weather.

The groom, Vanni, couldn’t hold his tears while looking at his beautiful wife-to-be walking towards him. Both of them were very emotional, as well as their guests.

They have different personalities and beliefs in life, but those things made their relationship stronger.

Preparations: Pinecrest, Tagaytay Highlands | Ceremony: Madre de Dios Chapel (3pm) |Reception: Midlands Veranda, Tagaytay Highlands


Vanni and Khay-0297wedding
Vanni and Khay-1709wedding
Vanni and Khay-1596wedding
Vanni and Khay-1788wedding
Vanni and Khay-0564wedding
Vanni and Khay-0969wedding
Vanni and Khay-1173wedding
Vanni and Khay-3558-Editwedding
Vanni and Khay-3855wedding
Vanni and Khay-3851wedding

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YUL / IYA [wedding photos]

Yul and Iya’s intimate and solemn wedding at Shrine of St. Therese is a dream come true for them. For all the years that they’ve been together, they shared a lot of arguments and misunderstandings, but they still managed to keep their relationship strong and intact.

Love found them; Fate united them; and Patience made them stronger.

Preparations: Marriot Hotel, Pasay| Ceremony: Shrine of St. Therese (Newport) – 3PM | Reception: Atrium @ The Enderun, the fort

Yul and Iya-3042
Yul and Iya-0305
Yul and Iya-0371
Yul and Iya-0226
Yul and Iya-1666
Yul and Iya-1181
Yul and Iya-3187
Yul and Iya-0503
Yul and Iya-1561
Yul and Iya-1835
Yul and Iya-3095

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NICK / TIN [prenup photos]

On November 13,2015, Nick and Tin will be tying the knot in a beach wedding at Kota Kaleruega, San Juan, Batangas. The romantic and beautiful scenery of the place is a perfect spot for the couple to share their vows and ‘I do’s’.

There’s just something so fun about engagement shoots, so before the actual ceremony, Nick and Tin decided to have their pre-nup shoot at the same location where they will get married, at Kota Kaleruega, San Juan, Batangas.

It seems like they really enjoyed their shoot because they changed their outfits five times and did different poses in different parts of the place. We can’t blame Nick and Tin for being so energetic and candid in their shoot, the place is so cozy and beautiful that everyone who will visit there wants to stay longer and wake up every morning with the smell of the beach and the sound of the waves.

Nick and Tin-1079wedding
Nick and Tin-0004wedding
Nick and Tin-0420wedding
Nick and Tin-0298wedding
Nick and Tin-1531wedding
Nick and Tin-0413wedding
Nick and Tin-0115wedding
Nick and Tin-0916wedding
Nick and Tin-0185wedding

Nick and Tin-0167wedding
Nick and Tin-0210wedding

Nick and Tin-0885wedding

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FRANCISCO / JERICCA [wedding photos]

A garden wedding at Light of Love Events Place is a dream come true to Francisco and Jericca. The ceremony held last May 28, 2015, was an intimate gathering of their family and closest friends. Witnessed by God and their loved ones, the two shared their vows as a promise of love and commitment to each other forever.

“With God as a center of our marriage, we will grow together as an individual and as partners- partners to our future family, and in the advancement of God’s freedom.” -a part of Jericca’s vow

They’ve been together for 7 years, and neither of them imagined that they will ended up being together. The groom, Francisco, shed tears when he saw his beautiful wife-to-be coming nearer him.

“…I will make you my number one priority. You are my queen and I will make you feel beautiful every single day.” -a part of Francisco’s vow

Francisco and Jericca-1204wedding
Francisco and Jericca-3108-Edit-Editwedding
Francisco and Jericca-0713-Editwedding
Francisco and Jericca-2661wedding
Francisco and Jericca-1318-Editwedding
Francisco and Jericca-1350wedding
Francisco and Jericca-1315-Editwedding
Francisco and Jericca-1130wedding
Francisco and Jericca-1143wedding

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