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It will be a fun and exciting year because wanderlust is starting to take over us!

Wander with us as we conquer the different parts of the world. Look at the photo below for our caravan schedule for the year 2016.

Email us now at or you may call us at 5342797 for more information.

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BICHO / TIN [prenup photos]

Bicho and Tin achieved their dream of having a prenup shoot at Santorini! Yes, you read that right but what you’ve been thinking is wrong! We’re not talking about the wonderful place in Greece but the ‘Little Santorini’ in Anilao, Batangas!

The breathtaking view of the beach and the beautiful architectural design of the place is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with the love of your life. No wonder why this couple chose this place for their prenup shoot.

We really can’t find the words to describe the place but if you’re asking about Bicho and Tin, there’s only one word that perfectly describes them, and that’s ‘Sentimental’. They’re both very affectionate to each other and we really admire their relationship so much.

Location: Camp Netanya -Anilao, Batangas


Bicho and Tin-1024-Edit
Bicho and Tin-1275
Bicho and Tin-1197
Bicho and Tin-1021-Edit
Bicho and Tin-1041-Edit-2
Bicho and Tin-0488
Bicho and Tin-0168-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0445
Bicho and Tin-0682
Bicho and Tin-0236-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0592
Bicho and Tin-0620
Bicho and Tin-0742-Edit-2
Bicho and Tin-0830
Bicho and Tin-0248-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0579-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0595
Bicho and Tin-0646
Bicho and Tin-0647

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MIKE / LIA [prenup photos]

Singapore is known for its amazing architectural buildings and tourist attractions. That’s why we can’t blame this couple for they have chosen Singapore to be the location of their prenup shoot.

The classy and elegant theme of the shoot complement the view of the place.

Location: Gardens by the Bay | Marina Bay Sands | Singapore National Museum

Mike and Lia-1449wedding

Mike and Lia-0161wedding

Mike and Lia-1040wedding

Mike and Lia-1201wedding

Mike and Lia-1321wedding

Mike and Lia-1397wedding

Mike and Lia-1632wedding

Mike and Lia-1891wedding

Mike and Lia-0216wedding

Mike and Lia-0279wedding
Mike and Lia-1024wedding
Mike and Lia-1081wedding
Mike and Lia-1156wedding
Mike and Lia-1661wedding

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DENNIS / MAE [prenup photos]

Who doesn’t want to travel with the one you love? It’s a marvelous feeling to know that the love of your life can also be your travel buddy! Explore different places, eat good food, take photos, and create new memories together!

That’s the idea of Dennis and Mae for their prenup shoot!  The couple is very adventurous that they even crossed the river, rode a horse, conquered the field just to mount the whole shoot.

Be creative like this couple! Make your prenup shoot worth remembering.


Dennis and Mae-0616
Dennis and Mae-0077
Dennis and Mae-0386
Dennis and Mae-0552
Dennis and Mae-1010
Dennis and Mae-1049
Dennis and Mae-1415
Dennis and Mae-1501

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ZAR / RONA [prenup photos]

Looks like Zar and Rona wants to go back to school! They made this as an inspiration for their prenup shoot. They wear school uniforms and act like high school lovers. It’s a fun and lively shoot- the couple genuinely act in front of the camera and with their bubbly personality, the shoot filled with laughters and joy.

Zar and Rona-1213
Zar and Rona-1251
Zar and Rona-1315
Zar and Rona-1430
Zar and Rona-1406
Zar and Rona-1376
Zar and Rona-1339

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NOEL / CES [prenup photos]

Sea. Sand. Sunset. And the one you love. What else can you wish for? The breathtaking view of Camara and Capones Island, Zambales is indeed a perfect spot to spend a vacation with the love of your life!

Noel and Ces enjoyed the cozy scenery of the place. Their prenup shoot was full of laughters as they genuinely smile in front of the lenses.

Aweng and Ces-0012
Aweng and Ces-0525
Aweng and Ces-0090
Aweng and Ces-0069
Aweng and Ces-0421-Edit
Aweng and Ces-0477
Aweng and Ces-0517
Aweng and Ces-0639
Aweng and Ces-0835
Aweng and Ces-0897-Edit
Aweng and Ces-0969-Edit
Aweng and Ces-1313
Aweng and Ces-1358
Aweng and Ces-1581

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Do you have a fresh and unique location in mind for your prenup shoot?

Jet set with the awesome kids of Blacktieproject together with Jesy Alto and Aisa Ipac and get your prenup shoot, hair & makeup, and styling done for free!

We finally get to announce the Wanderlust Project!

Just follow the mechanics, and FIVE COUPLES will be chosen to get their prenup shoot done for free. Just email us at info@blacktieproject or call at 534 2797 for inquiries.

We can’t wait to share more memories and adventures with you!


Wonderlust 2015-2

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DEONNE / CRISELLE [engagement photos]

Love doesn’t make the world go round.

Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Location: Tagaytay Gardens

Deonne and Criselle-0983-Editwedding
Deonne and Criselle-2187-Editwedding

Deonne and Criselle-2079wedding
Deonne and Criselle-1193-Editwedding

Deonne and Criselle-0712wedding

Deonne and Criselle-1052wedding
Deonne and Criselle-1560wedding
Deonne and Criselle-1739wedding
Deonne and Criselle-0774wedding

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CHRISTOPHER / JODY [engagement photos]

A rockstar couple would definitely go for a party rockin’ engagement photo shoot no matter where this maybe, on top of a mountain or high up above the clouds, downhill or just wherever! When you are a rockstar, you make a known serious place look amazingly stunning and fun! Here’s Chris & Jody’s engagement session with us.

Location: PSID, Glorietta & Meralco in Rockwell – Ortigas

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