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DEERAJ / PARSHEE [engagement photos]

Everyone will surely agree that these two could pass as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin in real life. Such a beautiful couple!

Through their engagement photos, you’ll see how it reflects the happiness and love they have for each other. Through their genuine smiles, through the way they look at each other. Everything was so natural!

Let our beautiful couple inspire you through their prenup photos. Scroll down now and see it for yourselves! Happy Monday, loves!

Location: Meteora Tagaytay

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DAVE / TIN [wedding photos]

Today, we’d like to share with you another beautiful church wedding. It’s the union between Dave and Tin! Something that will give you all the feels as you scroll over the photos we have in store for you. Let us inspire you through their wedding photos and somehow, touch your hearts with the moments we have captured under our lenses!

Preparations: Splendido Country Club
Groom: Ponteveda St. Splendido Taal
Bride: Splendido Condotel
Ceremony: Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, Tagaytay
Reception: Antonio’s Tagaytay

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ANDY / HELEN [wedding photos]

Looking at the photographs of this union, I can’t help but daydream about my own wedding (in the future). I bet you’d do the same when you see the photos! Everything just feels so dreamy!

Every detail adds beauty and elegance to the entirety of the occassion—the church, it’s breathtaking interior, the bride’s dress, and of course, the lovely couple. The sunset was pretty perfect too! Excited? Go on and see the snaps from Andy and Helen’s wedding! Feel the love this tuesday afternoon!

Preparation: Sofitel
Ceremony: San Agustin Church
Reception: Sofitel Ballroom


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ALESSANDRO / QUZANDRIA [wedding photos]

Who says fairytales only happen in movies or in television? Maybe, it wasn’t like the Cinderella story. It wasn’t even like any other fiction romance we get to see on the big screen or that of which we can read in books. But believe me when I say that this union is something! It was more like it―a fairytale.

Two different people having different cultures, different races and religions. There were too many hindrances in between, but this beautiful couple has proven that love conquers all.

Alessandro and Quzandria’s fairytale wedding will surely give you all the feels. Who wouldn’t feel such with this kind of festive and lavish wedding? Guess you better scroll down now and see it for yourself!

Location: Malaysia

and they lived happily ever after.

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LUKESH / SHEEVA [indian wedding SDE]

It is not often that you meet the person you are destined to be in paradise. This was the case for our bride and groom who met in a friend’s wedding in Bali. But their relationship was no paradise for they were separated thousands of miles apart – Lukesh in Saint Martin, Sheeva in Hong Kong.
Thanks to hours of Skype and hundreds of emails, these two love birds were able to endure a long distance relationship. Set in the shopping capital of the world where they pledge their eternal love for each other. This is their story.

LUKESH / SHEEVA [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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PRIYAVRAT / PRITI [Indian Wedding]

There’s something about Indian weddings that make us wait in anticipation because it’s always a different experience for us every time.

Last week, our team went to Jaipur, India for Priyavrat and Priti’s wedding celebration. And we can say that their wedding was festive, colorful and extravagant. The five-day celebration was totally a blast from the preparations, traditional rituals and wedding feast. They combined local, religious and family traditions.

200 luxury cars, 2,000 guests, Bollywood actors’ appearances and performances – what more can we say?

Take a look at Priyavrat and Priti’s splendid wedding celebration here:

PRIYAVRAT / PRITI [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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It will be a fun and exciting year because wanderlust is starting to take over us!

Wander with us as we conquer the different parts of the world. Look at the photo below for our caravan schedule for the year 2016.

Email us now at or you may call us at 5342797 for more information.

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VINNIE / ANISHAH [sde video]

If you’re a fan of fairy tales or disney movies, this Indian wedding will surely boost the mood of your day! Witness their rich culture through their wedding ceremony- from the preparations, performances, up to the wedding proper and even the after-party!

From the food and clothing to the traditions, this wedding reflects their customs that will give you a glimpse into a colorful and cultural extravaganza of an indian ceremony.

Count yourself fortunate if you’ve had the opportunity to attend this kind of wedding, so we call ourselves ones. But kidding aside, the fascinating wedding ceremonies and festivities give the guests a unique opportunity to gain an insight of their culture and social mores.

Vinnie and Anishah [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

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BICHO / TIN [prenup photos]

Bicho and Tin achieved their dream of having a prenup shoot at Santorini! Yes, you read that right but what you’ve been thinking is wrong! We’re not talking about the wonderful place in Greece but the ‘Little Santorini’ in Anilao, Batangas!

The breathtaking view of the beach and the beautiful architectural design of the place is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with the love of your life. No wonder why this couple chose this place for their prenup shoot.

We really can’t find the words to describe the place but if you’re asking about Bicho and Tin, there’s only one word that perfectly describes them, and that’s ‘Sentimental’. They’re both very affectionate to each other and we really admire their relationship so much.

Location: Camp Netanya -Anilao, Batangas


Bicho and Tin-1024-Edit
Bicho and Tin-1275
Bicho and Tin-1197
Bicho and Tin-1021-Edit
Bicho and Tin-1041-Edit-2
Bicho and Tin-0488
Bicho and Tin-0168-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0445
Bicho and Tin-0682
Bicho and Tin-0236-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0592
Bicho and Tin-0620
Bicho and Tin-0742-Edit-2
Bicho and Tin-0830
Bicho and Tin-0248-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0579-Edit
Bicho and Tin-0595
Bicho and Tin-0646
Bicho and Tin-0647

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ROBERT / GAM [wedding photos]

It’s a perfect gloomy day for Robert and Gam. Even though it was raining before the ceremony started, they still thought of it as a sign that God gave his blessing to them to get married.

Watch their same-day edit here to witness their amazing love story:

Preparations: Sofitel (Bride); Hyatt (Groom) | Ceremony: Paco Park- 3:00pm | Reception: Palacio de Maynila


Robert and Gam-3618
Robert and Gam-0293
Robert and Gam-3882
Robert and Gam-3609
Robert and Gam-3536-Edit
Robert and Gam-0797
Robert and Gam-1018
Robert and Gam-2872
Robert and Gam-0125
Robert and Gam-0123

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ROD / JAYMA [wedding photos]

In three weeks time, Rod and Jayma will be celebrating their 2nd year anniversary. But the feels of their wedding ceremony still give us chills!

When Jayma, the bride, walks down the aisle, the groom couldn’t help himself not to be emotional, as well as the guests. The whole ceremony was filled with love and sincerity as the two shared their vows and ‘Ido’s.

Preparations: Club Balai Isabel | Ceremony: San Guillermo Church (3:00pm) | Reception: Club Balai Isabel

Rod and Jayma-2361wedding
Rod and Jayma-2124wedding
Rod and Jayma-0657wedding
Rod and Jayma-1139wedding
Rod and Jayma-2206wedding
Rod and Jayma-0347wedding
Rod and Jayma-0247wedding copy
Rod and Jayma-0272wedding copy

Rod and Jayma-0895-Editwedding

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