Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a booking?
A: Step one: Check the availability of your wedding date thru email, call or sms.
Step two: Set an appointment for the details, contract signing and down payment; or you could deposit the down payment thru bank and we will send the contract thru email or fax.

Q: Where can I meet you to make a booking?
A: We meet our clients in our awesome office located at 133 R. Aglipay St., Mandaluyong City 1550 or we can also meet by the beach, peak of mountains, under the waterfalls or wherever it is convenient for both parties.

Q: What time do you usually arrive on a wedding day?
A: We will be at the preparation area 6hrs before the wedding ceremony to shoot the bride and groom get pretty for their wedding.

Q: How long before we can get/see our pictures/videos?
A: We will be able to give you the raw pictures after 1-2 weeks of the shoot. Then, after choosing the photos you like another 6 months for the album/prints/videos.

Q: How many pictures are we gonna get for the wedding?
A: Around 3000- 5000 shots

Q: What is that SDE thing that all the other brides bragging about?
A: SDE, Same-day Edit or Onsite Video is a video presentation that will shown at your reception. Video shots taken on your wedding day (preparation till the start of reception) will be edited music video style.

Q: We are just going to get your wedding photo services; Are you going to edit our pictures?
A: Yes sir/madame, all photos are edited to make sure we deliver you the quality and style that we carry.

Q: Do you offer other photo services besides wedding?
A: Yes we do. We also cover birthdays, events, debuts, anniversaries, baptism, portraits and we do home studio service.

Q: Do you offer services outside metro manila and abroad?
A: Yes we do. Email, call or sms for the out-of-town fee.

Q: Do you accept pencil booking?
A: Sorry we don’t… we quickly get attached to our clients, and we shed a tear every time they back-out.

Q: Do you always wear a black tie on your coverage?
A: Yes dear, we do.

Q: What is your contact info?
A: email: info@blacktieproject.com
mobile: +63 9209275696

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