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Bride wedding manila philippines love gown elegant

Bride wedding philippines manila beautiful love

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Engagement shoot prenup shoot blacktieproject

Engagement shoot prenup shoot manila wedding photographer blacktieproject

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kate kho - hi is your package include photobooth already?

blacktieproject - sorry but we dont have photobooth services

vane - saw your promo at cash cash pinoy, will that include the guestbook?


Katrina Trinidad - hi,

i would like to know if you have on-going promotions for wedding photography.

The wedding will be on March 24, 2013 and the venue will be at Tagaytay.

Thank you

Maf Villarey - Hi, I would like to ask for a quotation/proposal for a wedding package photography, hope to hear from you soon. btw, our wedding is on 7.13.13 at Santuario de San Jose and reception venue is at the Blue leaf.thanks.

i’ve seen the packages, but i’s like to talk in details. my needs are actutally the following: basic service for photo, video coverage and sde. i didnt see it in the packages. my budget is actually 60k only, kinda tight.

but i still hope, there are customized…minus the albums or etc..may lessen my expense.

album and prenup are good, 2 of my want-lists (maybe for future ass-on).

thanks and God bless

Laura Awang - Hi! I would like to know how much is your pre wedding package? We would like to do a very casual photos, no wedding gowns. Please get back to me on this. Thanks.

Angela Ong - Hi! Kindly send me your rates and packages for an out of town wedding. The wedding will be on December 8,2013 at white cove laiya batangas city.
Thank you

jaja - pls email me wedding photo package + on site photo slide in bora april 14 2014. how much to book date? how many photographers? how much out of town fee?

chang fabella - hi! can you please send me your rates/packages for wedding. including pre nuptial.thank you!

ann - Hi,

I would like to get a copy of your quotation. Venue will be in Batangas.

Edgardo S. Cordero jr. - Hi,
I would like to know how much your rate for pre nuptial only.
Thanks, and pls email me.

Jasper Paulus P Canonigo - When will my photos be available? Its been a month now. Just wondering when I can view it or pick it up?

blacktieproject - yes its ready for pickup

ynah - Hi. I would like to inquire on your photo and video package including prenup for april or may 2014 wedding.

Philip Solar - hi..
please send me your wedding photo package and prenuptial venue will be in Tagaytay.

Im looking forward to hear from you soon.



jennifer - hi!

i would like to inquire for prenup wed. we’re planning to do it on june during our vacation in philippines. please give me some details as we have little time staying in manila on june.

the location is in intramuros since our wedding would be in san agustin churh. what are the prenup package inclusions (is there any prenup album etc.)and how much? and are you the one who will process the permit needed in the location coz i heard permit is necessary.

thank you so much.

abby cruz - I would like to inquire on your photo and video package including prenup wedding will be march 2015.


abby cruz - I would like ask for a quote on your photo and video package including prenup wedding will be march 2015.


abby cruz - I would like ask for a quote on your photo and video package and prenup
wedding will be march 2015.


nes - hi!
I would like to inquire for prenup photo shoots. Do you have stylist and make up artist in you package?How much?
Thank you so much.

joan - Hi! Would like to ask for your prenup, wedding photo and video packages please. Wedding is on April 2015.


kristine bragas - Hai gud eve how much all.packages of your pre nup photo shoot tha location is infanta quezon

dora - please send me your quotations for pre nup only and package of church wedding ceremony only and prenup. thx

Joanna - Hi, we would like to inquire about your wedding packages for photos and videos.
We’d like pre-nup photos, SDE video and photos, wedding portrait and album.
Is it possible to ask for a quote and set an appointment this December?
Thank you.

luisa marfil - Hey, Joanna! I’ve sent you ann email with our rates attached! 🙂

khim - may i know your wedding packages for photo and video – rates,inclusion of the package, discounts, SDE video stc.
please send me your quotation.Thank you!

luisa marfil - Hi, Khim! I’ve sent our rates to your email. 🙂

Bernadette Valentona - Hi! Hope you could send me your rates for wedding and prenup. Thanks!

luisa marfil - Hi, Bernadette! Kindly check your email for the rates. 🙂

Beb - Hi! Kindly send your rates for prenup and wedding coverage. Thank you so much!

luisa marfil - H! Kindly check your email, I’ve sent the rates there. 🙂

Rachelle Brillante - Hi there!
I would like yo inquire regarding your rates.
Can you send me quotation of your wedding packages- prenup, SDE photos and videos.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.

luisa marfil - Hey, Rachelle! Email sent. 🙂

Elaine Lapuz - Hi, i would like to inquire regarding your prenup and wedding packages. Hope you can send me rates and inclusions.Thank you!

luisa marfil - Hey, Elaine! I’ve sent you a complete list of the different rates and packages that we offer.

Marc/Tori Rosario - hi! We would like to inquire about your prenup and wedding photo rates/packages. Thank you!

luisa marfil - Hi, Marc!

I’ve sent you the email. 🙂

Riah - hi! We would like to inquire about your prenup and wedding photo rates/packages. Thank you!

luisa marfil - Okay just wait for the quotation. i’ll send it to your email 🙂

aihruz guevarra - hi i would like to know moree about prenup and wedding package.
thank you

aihruz guevarra - hi i would like to know more about prenup and wedding package.
thank you

we amplify - Hi Aihruz! Please send your inquiry to together with the date of your wedding 🙂 Thanks.

Marvin cacananta - Hi. Can you send me quotations for prices and packages please. Thanks.

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