POY / MEG [wedding photos]

Apart from the dazzling white gown of the bride, vivid colors of pink and blue are the prevailing colors at the wedding! Who ever said that bright colors are not suitable for a wedding entourage is probably wrong!

Look at these wedding photos of Poy and Meg and see how the the theme and the color complement with each other. There’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Preparations: Malarayat Country Club | Ceremony: De La Salle Lipa Chapel (2:30pm) | Reception: J. P. Laurel Hall Malarayat Country Club

Poy and Meg-0279weddingPoy and Meg-2848weddingPoy and Meg-2933weddingPoy and Meg-0056wedding copyPoy and Meg-0070weddingPoy and Meg-0116weddingPoy and Meg-0195weddingPoy and Meg-0244weddingPoy and Meg-0254weddingPoy and Meg-0260wedding copyPoy and Meg-0339weddingPoy and Meg-0648weddingPoy and Meg-0798weddingPoy and Meg-0973weddingPoy and Meg-0931weddingPoy and Meg-0913-EditweddingPoy and Meg-1013weddingPoy and Meg-1158weddingPoy and Meg-2034-EditweddingPoy and Meg-2976weddingPoy and Meg-3171-Editweddingdownload Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 movie now

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